German Students Visit Benjamin Banneker


Dear Ms. Tomlin,


we returned safely to Germany and brought back some great experiences from Banneker. It was truely a wonderful day at your school and I really want to thank you and everybody at your school for the work involved. Our students reportet to local newspapers today and were full of positive words for your school. I will send you the reports in another e-mail.


We would like to continue the contact with you and everybody at Benjamin Banneker. With the help of Valentino Ellis and Jason Higgins I would also like to  start the work on preparing a student visit to Germany. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.


Thank you again and take care,


Martin Strauss

HLA Gernsbach

Tomlin (Large) Tomlin2 (Large) Tomlin3 (Large) Tomlin4 (Large)

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