Why Banneker?

Rigorous Instruction


To ensure all students are challenged with rigorous college-preparatory and college-level content and tasks, Benjamin Banneker Academy is proud to offer:

  • 19 Advanced Placement Courses
  • 7 Dual Credit College Level Courses (Scholars receive both college and high school credit)
    • Syracuse University
      • Physics
      • Sociology
      • Spanish
    • SUNY Stony Brook
      • Introduction to film and literacy
      • Journalism
      • Engineering
    • SUNY Albany
      • Physics
  • Partnerships with MEC, St. Joseph’s College, Syracuse, SUNY Stony Brook University and Long Island University
    • Medgar  Evers College at BBACD
      • Political Science
      • English
    • St. Joseph’s College
      • English(Dramatic and Visual Writing)
      • Introduction to computer programming
      • Child Psychology
    • Long Island University(Early Scholars)
      • Choice of over 150 courses
  • 82% College Readiness Rate; an increase of 33% over the last two years


Student Centered Instruction


We believe students learn best when they are actively engaged, with minds-on/hands-on tasks, that ask them to struggle productively.  

  • Tasks are challenging, complex, and collaborative
  • Scholars experience independent and group task/assignments
  • Scholars allowed to demonstrate their learning in multiple ways
  • Instructional Technology (Google classroom) builds scholar capacity for intellectual engagement
  • Scholars experience culturally responsive instruction


Supportive Environment

  • One guidance counselor per cohort (counselors loop to follow scholars throughout their high school experience)
  • Collaborative teacher teams meet weekly to provide each other feedback and analyze student work products for effective actionable feedback
  • PTA Executive board meets monthly with administration to collaborate  on school wide initiatives
  • Parent workshops geared towards supporting parents in areas of concern.  For example, see below:
  1. FAFSA Workshop
  2. Dealing with anxiety
  • IO Education/Pupilpath for two way communication and IO Messenger for immediate messaging to mobile devices.
  • Parent Coordinator facilitates school tours for prospective incoming 9th graders & supports families in ensuring communication is systematized and consistent
  • Student safety has a holistic approach to behavioral concerns; students engage in mediation and service as a means to rectify most referrals
  • Guidance and Administrative Team visible and available daily via consistent, meaningful interactions with student body regarding 21st century readiness and preparedness
  • School culture of identifying and analyzing areas of strength and growth as leverage to creating next steps and/or SMART goals  



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