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Kinship Greetings

Greetings to All,

We welcome new families to Benjamin Banneker Academy and welcome back returning families! We begin by introducing ourselves as a team of committed parents who feel honored to serve our Banneker family this year! We are dedicated to a viable working relationship with staff, parents and students. We have been apprised of the school’s needs and goals, and we’ve spent dedicated time this summer mapping out a plan of action to fulfill those needs. We invite you to our “Welcome Back Parent Symposium” on Saturday, September 29.

There is work to be done in a progressive, nurturing, academically rigorous school like ours. We are challenged to provide support for the brilliant, creative and youthful energy that walk through Banneker’s doors daily. We are challenged to support the extensive vision and expectations of advanced “scholarship” and “academic excellence”, developing the “whole child,” that Banneker’s staff, under the direction of Ms. Deonca Renee, have set for our children and themselves. We have been given insight into the Communities’ expectations and willingness to support our school. Your Kinship and School Leadership Team parents are working to meet all of these needs. With committed work and your help, we can make a difference.

We will work with Banneker’s staff to continue to provide effective home-school communication through the school’s new Website WWW.BBACD.NYC and Email List Serve. In order to support the numerous activities, clubs, athletic programs, internships and celebrations at Banneker, we intend to seek funding through direct-appeal, grant writing, and community solicitations. We ask our families to support with annual dues ($25) and our Dollar-a-Day Campaign ($180 for the entire year!) We also ask for your support during our annual fundraisers: Fitness Fun Day (November 2012 & April 2013); Walk-A-Thon (May 2013.)

Every one of you can help; in small ways and in big ways. You may also have family members, friends and associates who can partner with Banneker to support our goals and action plans. You and your scholars are highly-valued members of our school and we need your assistance. Our contact information is provided below. Throughout the school year, look for mailings with important updates about our accomplishments.


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