Grading System and Grade Reports

Grading System

From 9th grade, class average is cumulative and is calculated at the end of each semester. The cumulative academic average is weighted and does not include grades such as “E”, “S”, and “NC”. The school operates on a percentile system, with the passing grade being 65%. The recommended minimum grade is 75% and is needed to remain “in good standing”.

Teachers will provide students with a syllabus and grading policy at the beginning of each year.


As a matter of school policy, Banneker does not rank students for college application purposes.

Report Cards

Formal computerized grade reports are issued six times during the school year. There are three marking periods within each semester, and each marking period extends for six weeks. Progress report cards are issued at the end of each marking period. Final grades are based on the average of all three marking periods.


Transcripts are distributed to students at the end of each semester. Transcripts are a culmination of third marking period grades from ninth grade through twelfth grade. They include a student’s overall average, credit accumulation and NYS Regent scores. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concerns about their child’s progress.

Final Examinations

Final examinations are generally held at the end of the third marking period. During these common examination sessions, students are expected to be present at the prescribed dates and times of their exams.

  • A student who is on a trip at the time of these exams may not be allowed to take the examination at another time.
  • A student who is absent from an examination during the end of term examination sessions must present a Doctor’s certificate. A decision will be made on make-up exams.
  • Advanced Placement exams are held in May. Students must be enrolled in the class in order to take the examination. There is a fee to register for Advanced Placement exams. Fees must be paid by January 30th to secure exam seat.


NYS Regent Examinations are given in January, June and August. Students must be approved to sit for the exams by their respective teachers. Students must earn at least a 65% on all regent exams in order to earn a high school diploma.

Parent Conferences

Teachers provide contact information at the beginning of the term and will meet with parents by appointment and/or at Open School conferences. These Parent-Teacher Conferences are generally held in late October (Fall Term) and late March (Spring term). Students are encouraged to attend conferences with their parents. Please contact the Parent Coordinator if you would like to set up any additional conferences with a teacher. School provides a contact sheet with email addresses of current staff members.


In Grades 9 through 12, students must obtain the necessary number of credits in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Promotion will be based on a comprehensive assessment of whether students:

  1. successfully complete standards in academic subject areas
  2. accumulate a minimum of eleven (11) credits each academic year
  3. receive a grade of at least 65% on the English, US History, Global History, Algebra and one Science Regent examinations
  4. maintain at least 90% attendance.