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Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development

77 Clinton Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11205

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Dr. Kinsley Kwateng, Principal

Mr. John LaCroix, Assistant Principal

Ms. C’cora Thomas, Assistant Principal

Mr. Clive Pryce, Assistant Principal  

Mr. David Blakes, Assistant Principal, I.A.


July 22nd, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I would like to welcome you and your family to the Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development, with time and dedication we will explore excellence.  We welcome you to join us this school year; it truly takes a village to raise a child, with our school focus and determined teachers we have great expectancy for you and your family. Our student centered learning and learning outcomes will prepare your child for community service, internships, and college readiness. We are determined to have a great outcome. It is imperative that you partner with us in our Parent Teacher Association kinship and school leader partnership. It is through your support that we will have your child prepared for the 21st century workplace. It is with great honor and support that I welcome you to our school community. Thank you for choosing Benjamin Banneker Academy, we look forward to partnering with you and your family.


In great Partnership


Mrs. W. James Livingston

Parent Coordinator

Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development