Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I notify about a new address and/or phone number?

Complete a new Blue Emergency contact card and submit with current proof of address (utility bills or lease) to the main office –Pupil Accounting Secretary.

What if I or my child has a problem with a teacher?

Contact the Parent Coordinator.


What is Saturday and Extended Time School?

Saturday and Extended Time school is offered to our students to improve their academic standing. We offer class and Regent tutoring


If a student fails courses, can they take the Regents exam in those subject areas? What happens if a student passes a course but fails the Regents exam?

For credit recovery and Regents exams only:
Students who have failed a class in the 3rd marking period of a term must make up 25 hours. Students who have failed a Regents exam must re-take the exam at the end of summer school. It is strongly recommended that a student participate in summer school Regents prep before re-taking a Regents exam.

How can I check my child’s record?

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to utilize the NYC Department of Education’s ARIS. This provides parents an insight into their child’s records, test scores, biographical information. If you need assistance with your password, or instruction on how to use ARIS, please call our Parent Coordinator for help.