Guidelines for Student Behavior and School Regulations

Behavior and Discipline Procedure

Your child will receive a Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures (The Discipline Code) and two (2) copies of a Behavioral Contract that provides a summary of the required behaviors for your child in school. The Discipline Code and Behavioral Contract are two components of the NYC Department of Education’s continuing effort to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all students. It is extremely important that all students understand the school rules and requirements of behavior. Your cooperation in reading these documents and discussing them with your child/ren is therefore greatly appreciated. After your discussion with your child, both you and your child should sign one copy of the behavioral contract, and have your child return the signed copy to his/her teacher. The other copy is for you to keep along with the Discipline Code.

Identification Cards

Students must carry their Photo ID at all times. Identification Cards must be with students during the school day and at all school functions. If requested by a staff member, students must present their ID card. ID cards are distributed at the beginning of the school year. Any lost or stolen ID card must be reported to the main office immediately. Replacement cards will be issued for a fee of $3.00.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a manner that is neat and appropriate. The following are prohibited in the school building:

  • Hats and du rags
  • Skirts/shorts that are more than 3 inches above the knee
  • Skirts with deep splits
  • Shirts that expose backs, cleavage or the stomach area
  • Muscle t-shirts
  • Sagging pants that expose underwear

Cell Phone Policy

Students should not carry headphones, iPods, wireless communication devices or cellular phones around the school building. Devices that are confiscated will be released to parents.

School Property

When damage to school property occurs, those responsible will pay for the damage. When damage is done by a group of students the entire group will share the cost. The school may withhold the report card or the student’s transcript until the cost of repairing such damages has been paid.


Parents/Guardians may enroll to receive emergency notifications by e-mail, through the Notify NYC system which may be accessed at the following website or by telephoning 311.

Safety and Security

The New York City Department of Education and the New York City Police Department have established a uniform visitor control standard with required procedures that all schools must implement and include in their School Safety Plan. All visitors must enter the building on the Clinton Avenue entrance. Visitors must show photo ID and sign the logbook with the School Safety Agent at the reception desk in the lobby. Visitors will be directed to the Main Office where they will speak with a staff member to determine the nature of their business.

Inclement Weather

When there are emergency weather conditions schools may be closed or have a 2 hour delayed opening. By 6:00 am, the decision is announced on:

  • the 311 information line
  • the Dept. of Education website (
  • the radio – 1010 AM, 880 AM, 770 AM, 1190 AM, 1280 AM, 107.5 FM and 91.5 FM
  • television – NY1, WCBS 2, WNBC 4, WNYW 5, WABC 7, WNYE 25 and Univision 41


Two Master combination locks are needed for a gym locker and hallway locker. Each student is assigned a hallway locker at the beginning of the school year. Students can NOT share lockers. Gym lockers are only used during the assigned gym period. The lock must be removed at the end of that gym class. The school is not responsible for items that are not secured. These locks may be clipped overnight and items will be placed in the lost and found box.

Physical Education Uniform Policy

A gym uniform is required for all gym classes. All students must be fully prepared and dressed for gym. The uniform consists of sneakers, t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants. Students who are medically excused or otherwise excused from a physical education period must stay in the gym and complete an assignment to receive participation credit for that period.

Metrocard Rules

The school provides transportation passes to all students who qualify to receive a Metrocard. A student Metrocard is only to be used by the student to whom it is issued. STUDENTS MAY NOT LOAN THEIR CARD TO ANOTHER STUDENT. If someone other than the student uses or borrows their Metrocard, Police Officers and transit Personnel can confiscate the card. Passes are replaceable only under special circumstances. Please report the loss or theft of a student Metrocard to the main office immediately. These cards are deactivated and replaced with in a two week period.


Smoking is prohibited on all school grounds and other DOE outdoor facilities, including playing fields, school yards, entrances and exits to buildings, parking lots, and the like.

Lunch Forms

A School Meals Application will be distributed to each registered student on the first operating school day in September. Each household is required to complete and submit only one form for all registered students attending the same school. Children are determined to be eligible for free meals through these programs based upon:

  1. a computer match with public assistance/food stamp files; or
  2. household income provided by parent or guardian on the School Meals Application (SD1041); or
  3. valid public assistance/food stamp case number provided by the parent or guardian on the School Meals Application; or
  4. valid direct certification letter.