College Prep

College Placement Tests

PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT

These are the national standardized tests that must be taken prior to applying to college.

PSAT-10th grade practice test

11th grade qualifying test for National Merit Scholarship
All sophomores and juniors take the PSAT during a school day in October.

SAT and/or ACT exams are given at various times during the year and are given at outside facilities. More information may be obtained from visiting and www. SAT Subject Exams covers specific subject areas. Students who are highly successful in specific courses and who plan to apply to very competitive colleges should take the SAT Subject Exams when they are completing the subject in school. Visit the website of individual colleges to check their admissions requirements.

College Preparation

College Now is a FREE program designed to prepare New York City’s public high school students for the rigors of a college environment.

Banneker is partnered with Medgar Evers College and NYC Technical College to offer College Now classes and activities.

All College Now classes are offered free of charge and are taken on the college campus.