Student Life

Clubs and Co-Curricular Activities 2022-2023

Supervisor: Ms. C’cora Thomas, Assistant Principal




My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)

Mr. Blakes

National Honor Society

Ms. Davidson

Step Team

Ms. Noel

Pre-Med Club

Ms. Baiden


Ms. Babb

Goddess/My Sister's Keeper (MSK)

Ms. Thomas

African Drum Club

Mr. C. Johnson

New York Road Runners (NYRR)

Ms. Walsh

Art/Photography Club

Mr. Mecca

Martial Arts
Tuesday/Friday 3pm-5pm
Saturday 10am-12pm

Sensei Lewis

Anime Club

Mr. Doumanis

Student Government

Dr. Kwateng


Ms. Profit

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Ms. Gilkes


Ms. Gilkes

Ed Rising

Ms. Babbs


Ms. Vaughn

Girls Who Code

Ms. Vaughn

(Soulful Poets In Training)

Mr. Egashira
and Mr. Strachan


Mr. Freeman


Ms. K

Steel Pan
Monday/Wednesday 3pm-5pm

K. Caplan
G. Caplan

Caribbean Student Organization

Ms. Ellis

African Student Club

Ms. Egbunam

African Student Club

Ms. Egbunam

We Ensure Better Education For A Better World


In New York City, the PSAL High School divisions of “AA”, “A” and “B” are in place to organize and coordinate every sports team by grade and school.

PSAL prepares our scholar athletes for both college sports and life beyond sports.

Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development is in one of these three divisions for all sports the school offers.

The responsibility of being a Scholar Athlete is a significant one, and BBACD’s expectations for our scholar athletes are significant as well.

These responsibilities include and extend beyond the sports season (Fall, Winter and Spring).

This contract is for you to demonstrate that you are a true scholar-athlete and that you understand that you are a student first and an athlete (club member) second.

You are reminded that you represent Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development at all times and, as such, your academic achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, and conduct must consistently reflect the expectations set forth within this contract.

This contract is also an agreement that YOU as a scholar/scholar athlete will follow all rules and regulations that govern New York City Department of Education schools (as detailed in the NYC Discipline Code) and the dress code policy at Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development.

You are mandated to attend study hall, mock regents and AP assessments, “Nine to Nines” and tutorial services if recommended by your teachers, guidance counsellors, parents or administration.

**Grades: All scholar/ scholar athletes must maintain at least an 80.00 % average by the end of the first marking period and maintain that average throughout the school year to be eligible/active for the current and subsequent academic year.

  • If you are taking one advanced placement/college course your required minimum grade point average is 76.00%
  • If you are taking two or more advanced placement/college courses your required minimum grade point average is 74.00%
  • Failing a class at the end of any marking period/semester automatically disqualifies you from participation in any clubs or sports team.

**Code of Conduct: All scholars/ scholar athletes must adhere to the New York City Department of Education Discipline Code, BBACD rules, and team rules and regulations.

Failure to comply will result in suspension from games and possible removal from your team and or club.

*School Attendance: 80.00% attendance is a must.

School tardiness (arrival after the start of your first class) counts as half of absence against the 80.00% requirement.

Under no circumstances is cutting classes, or leaving the building without permission acceptable.

If you have a substitute teacher, REMAIN with that teacher (a substitute teacher is not an excuse to roam the building or cut class).

Failure to comply will result in suspension from games and possible removal from your team or club.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your coach or any member of the administrative cabinet.

“I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying.”  – Michael Jordan


Contact School





Athletic Director

Mr. Green

Baseball (Spring)

Basketball ~ Boys Varsity (Winter)

Mr. Jackson

Basketball ~ Boys JV (Winter)

Mr. Simpson

Basketball ~ Girls (Winter)

Mr. Parker (Co-)
Dr. Kwateng (Co-)

Bowling (Fall)

Mr. Parker

Cross Country (Fall)

Mr. Simpson

Softball (Spring)

Mr. Parker

Tennis (Fall)

Ms. Shedrick

Volleyball (Fall)

Ms. Marsala

Fencing (Fall/Spring)

Mr. Shapiro

Indoor Track (Winter)

Mr. Cherry

Outdoor Track (Spring)

Mr. Cherry

Soccer ~ Boys Varsity (Fall)

Mr. Green

Soccer ~ Girls Varsity (Fall)

Ms. Surpris